St Aubin Victoria Park

St Aubin Victoria Park

Set on the outskirts of Victoria park in Canton is the home to up to 24 of our smallest charges aged between 6 weeks and 24 months.

A home from home, away from all the hustle and bustle of the outside world you will find a soothing and tranquil baby environment. A space for up to 6 babies from six weeks until approximately 9 months this tranquil environment provides the calmness that is needed in those tender early years. The babies in Babyland are stimulated with a range of age appropriate toys and equipment that encourage them to develop their own basic skills. Giving that the babies at this age spend a lot of time looking up, the ceiling is littered with an array of mobiles and hanging matter. All of the paintings are also at their eye level so that they are stimulated from all angles. When they have mastered the art of sitting up and have grown in physical confidence their journey will take them downstairs into Babyworld.

Home to up to 12 babies, Babyworld provides a more stimulating environment to the older baby. With plenty of space to move around and a deep pile carpet to cushion the falls of those first tentative steps, the unit is just a stones throw away from their babyland experience. All our staff are specially chosen so that the every need of your little treasures are met. Whilst in our baby unit, the babies enjoy their very own programme of activities such as painting or messy play. Their masterpieces are displayed around the unit for you to marvel at their first pieces of work and then can be taken home to treasure forever. The babies also enjoy frequent walks to Victoria park which provides them with the all important fresh air that they need for a healthy development.

Meal times in the baby unit are used to provide those initial social stages. Learning from each other, we believe and recognise the importance of group feeding times and therefore the children will use each other as their learning tools.
At this tender young age the babies will naturally need to be provided with a tranquil area for which to sleep. Our baby bedrooms hold a number of cots for the youngsters to rest themselves and re- charge their batteries ready for their next adventure. Here they will find soothing music whilst the staff stay to rock a child whilst they drift to sleep. They can also be closely monitored by the system of baby intercom that help us to sense any movement or waking within the bedrooms.

The bedrooms, together with babyland and babyworld make up our babyunit.

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